November 30, 2023
Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

For your website, here is a list of the most recent and effective top 10 cross-browser testing toolsin 2023. Browser compatibility testing across various operating systems and browsers

Any software tester will tell you that cross-browser testing may be quite frustrating. Nevertheless, a big thanks to all the online cross-browser testing tools that make it possible to reduce the testing requirements.

In order to learn about different approaches to browser testing, this post primarily targets software testers and designers.

In the market, there are a lot of paid and free browser testing tools. Based on your requirements, you must choose the browser compatibility test tool.

If cross-browser testing is a key component of any online project, you must allocate a sizable amount of time, money, and resources to testing your website across several web browsers.

Checklist for Cross-Browser Testing:

What should be examined as part of browser testing:

1) CSS validation
2) HTML or XHTML validation
3) Page validations with and without JavaScript enabled.
4) Ajax and JQeury functionality
5) Font size validation
6) Page layout in different resolutions
7) All images and alignment
8) Header and footer sections
9) Page content alignment to the center, LHS or RHS.
10) Page styles
11) Date formats
12) Special characters with HTML character encoding.
13) Page zoom-in and zoom-out functionality.

Obviously, you will have to repeat these tests on:

14) Different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
15) Different browsers (with different versions) like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Projects with browser-dependent functionality may benefit from using the more expensive browser testing tools. However, a lot of projects can be verified for cross-browser compatibility using free tools.

Best Cross-Browser Testing Software

The list of every website that offers cross-browser testing tools to test websites across various browsers is provided below:


Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

With BitBar, you can test your application on the newest and most widely used actual browsers and devices.

Run automated tests simultaneously across browsers and devices to scale your testing by improving test coverage and reducing test execution time. BitBar simply connects with your current CI/CD pipeline or tech stack. Focus on what matters rather than wasting time controlling environments.

Important characteristics Of TestComplete Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • Whether testing online, native, or hybrid applications, BitBar provides a single cloud for all testing platforms.
  • Without having to keep up a device lab, test your application in real-world settings.
  • Launch your testing from the cloud environment of your choice.
  • Selenium and Appium cloud testing will enable your team to scale the automation speed.


Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

Using BitBar, you can test your application on the newest and most widely used genuine browsers and devices.

Run parallel automated tests on several devices and browsers to scale your testing by expanding test coverage and cutting down on execution time. Your current tech stack or CI/CD process integrates easily with BitBar. Focus on what matters instead of wasting time controlling situations.

Important characteristics Of BitBar Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • Web, native, or hybrid apps can all be tested on one cloud provided by BitBar.
  • Without having to keep up a device lab, test your application in actual surroundings.
  • Use your favourite cloud environment to deploy your testing.
  • With Selenium and Appium cloud testing, your team will be able to grow the automation speed.

QA Wolf

Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

A genuinely modern testing tool for the entire team, QA Wolf is the new kid on the block.

QA Wolf, a little-known gem with over 2,700 GitHub stars as of this writing, is quickly gaining popularity considering the absence of brand recognition. This testing tool makes end-to-end test creation quick, easy, and robust enough for everyone on your team to participate in. Ease of use is considered as its key difference.

The key feature that propels QA Wolf to the top of our list is its code generation engine. QA Wolf generates clear Javascript test code as you visit a website, making it simple for anyone to build and maintain reliable tests.

Important characteristics Of QA Wolf’s Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • Without any setup or installation, create tests directly from the browser. It takes hardly any time at all to get going. All you need to do is create a free account, enter the URL you want to test, and then browse your test pathways.
  • Create a code version of your actions. neither learning programming languages nor producing boilerplate code is permitted. Any team member can build tests since QA Wolf generates clear Javascript code as you visit a website.
  • Rerun the chosen programme. If you simply need to fix one or two lines of code, do not bother about running the complete test again. You may quickly debug with QA Wolf by rerunning only the code you choose.
  • With a single click, launch tests on Vercel/Netlify installations or at predetermined intervals.
  • Run all tests in parallel. No matter how many tests you perform, you’ll have results quickly.
  • Receive email & Slack alerts. Test findings sent directly to your mailbox or business Slack channel should be shared with the entire team.
  • Utilise logs and videos to comprehend errors. With a video, logs, and the precise line of code the test failed on, you can immediately comprehend and replicate problems.
  • Tests can be corrected and rerun immediately from the browser. Don’t wait for another CI build or execute the code locally. With QA Wolf, you can update and manage tests online.
  • Share a link to collaborate with your team in real-time. It’s quick and simple to collaborate with team members. Simply invite them to your dashboard and begin working together.

 Katalon Platform

Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

For cross-browser testing, 850,000 testers and developers trust the Katalon Platform, the most well-liked Selenium and Appium substitute.

Some of the primary features of the Katalon Platform include scalable desktop, mobile, and web testing as well as:

compatible with Edge, Firefox, and Chrome’s latest versions.
For quicker feedback on performance-critical runs, Firefox and Chrome both offer headless browser execution.
Migration of flexible tests from Postman, SoapUI, and Selenium (Grid, Webdriver & IDE).
Using the page-object model construction, test maintenance is minimal.
Self-healing system to deal with UI and code changes.
Integrate CI/CD (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, Bamboo, TeamCity, and Travis CI) natively.
Scale operations using cloud hardware through connections with Kobiton, Perfecto, SauceLabs, LambdaTest, and BrowserStack.
Advanced graphs to provide important data and immediate notifications following each execution


Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

The top platform to perform cross-browser testing on thousands of actual devices

Users of HeadSpin can remotely execute cross-browser testing on thousands of actual devices in the cloud. Users can simply evaluate the responsiveness of their mobile application or website, as well as performance essentials like load testing in actual scenarios for 100% accurate results.

Important characteristics Of HeadSpin Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • For accuracy that is 100%, test on lots of actual devices.
  • the simplicity of interaction with testing frameworks like Appium, Selenium, and Appium Inspector. Experitest, WebPage Test, FitNesse, KIF, UI Automator, Junit, XCTest, Calabash, Unified Functional Testing, TestNG, Puppeteer, Playwright, Jira, Slack, and Jenkins are just a few of the other technologies that HeadSpin is compatible with. Other technologies include Charles Proxy, Xcode, Android Studio, Flutter, Cucumber, Espresso Android, and Jenkins.
  • Get a versatile distributed solution to grow your automated cross-browser testing remotely and safely. Through our RF-compliant hardware, proprietary software, and unique USB port, HeadSpin enables developers to analyse non-noise interfered data.


Users may test your mobile app and website on the cloud using TestGrid’s public cloud while receiving a completely genuine user experience thanks to its combination of real devices & browsers. Now, without any prior programming experience required, work with your testing and business teams to develop and run test cases.

You can guarantee that your end users are having the optimum user experience by using TestGrid’s cross-browser testing features. While manual cross-browser testing takes time, TestGrid’s automated cross-browser testing enables you to create tests without the use of scripts and have them run automatically across browsers in either parallel or sequential order.

Important characteristics Of TestGrid Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • Utilise hundreds of actual devices and browsers to run automated tests on.
  • Available whenever you need it, support for both the newest and older devices.
  • Code for selenium and appium is generated via AI-based no-code automation.
  • Website optimization and improvement via performance testing.
  • Utilise integrations such as JIRA, Asana, Slack, and others to find faults and fix them immediately.
  • Continuous testing can be accomplished by integrating with your preferred CI/CD technology.


Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

Testing a website across all operating systems and browsers is possible with browser shots. The functionality and options for customization make this a popular tool for evaluating browser compatibility.

Cross-browser compatibility tests can be performed with a wide range of customization choices, including settings for the operating system, screen size, color depth, JavaScript status, and Flash enable/disablement. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website, choose the compatibility test settings, and send the test request.

For each test, you must follow these instructions again. To capture website screenshots from different operating systems and browsers, utilise this free browser compatibility test service. There are 200 versions of supported browsers.

When using several browsers, the service’s biggest fault is the length of time it takes to display the results, which frequently results in timeout errors.

Browsers that are supported include all versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey, Arora, Dillo, Epiphany, Lynx, Luakit, Rekonq, Midori, and many more.

Turbo Browser Sandbox

Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

Most popular web browsers can be used without being installed on your computer when using the Turbo Browser Sandbox.

All common browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, are instantly accessible from the web and may be used on your computer.

Initially offered for free, Spoon Browser Sandbox is now a paid service because it supports the majority of browsers.

IE NetRenderer

Almost all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer can be tested using this free online browser compatibility checker tool. To begin rendering the website, simply enter your URL and choose the correct version of Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu. Immediately after taking a screenshot of the test page, you can confirm it.

BrowserStack Live

Top 10 Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2023

Mobile app and browser testing software is called BrowserStack Live. One of the thorough browser compatibility checks can be performed on your website by testing it across more than 2000 different browsers.

With the aid of their cloud platform, you can test your website on actual Android and iOS devices. Website testing on various operating systems and actual mobile devices is another benefit of this solution.

Important characteristics Of TestGrid Best Cross-Browser Testing Software:

  • Nothing must be set up. Testing on actual devices can begin right now.
  • practically all real mobile device browsers and more than 2000 desktop browsers are covered.
  • a private, secure network.
  • No device lab or virtual machines; interactive devices.


We believe that this post will be useful in informing you know which cross-browser testing tools are ideal for both paying customers and free users online.

Since each browser compatibility checking tool is different, choosing a decent cross-platform solution relies on your needs.

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