November 29, 2023
Quality Assurance Sign-Off & Conditional Sign Off


Verifying that the software fulfills the needs of the customer without negatively impacting the application is the primary goal of a QA.

Sign Off is the official term used to validate this process. After the program has been reviewed, tested, and is now ready for release, the QA can formally recognise this.

Who is responsible for Sign Off?

The testing team completed this step after thoroughly testing the software.

The testing team can mail or communicate for sign-off once it has fully tested the application and determined that it meets the exit criteria.

Typically, the Test Manager, Project Manager, and Business Analyst assume the duties and consent to the QA Sign Off.

Criteria for QA Sign Off

As is common knowledge, the exit criteria must be stated in the test plan document before the quality assurance department can sign off on the test. The QA examines the following items in the exit criteria:

  • There should be no missing test plans.
  • Customer needs should be satisfied by the software.
  • There shouldn’t be any flaws in the software that are High, Immediate, or Urgent.
  • It should be completed all tasks that are important.
  • It is necessary for all of the high-priority test cases to execute successfully.
  • Coverage levels should meet the requirements.
  • The cost of the project should be the maximum for development activities.
  • The deadline should not be exceeded by the development operations.

What is a Conditional Sign-Off?

The QA can do a conditional sign-off if the software does not match the exit requirements. For instance, the tester can complete the Conditional Sign Off after consulting with their Test Manager when the deadline for the software development activities has passed and the testing is not yet complete.

The QAs are able to communicate with the client when there is an app bug that hasn’t been fixed yet. The QAs can do Conditional Sign Off using the “Known Issues” if the product owner is trouble-free.



Company Name,

Company Address

Test case execution by: –

Test case execution date: –

This letter indicates the fact that the goal has been reached and that the programme is currently fulfilling the requirements of the client.

It also confirms that each test case has been successfully completed and that each software component is operating as expected.

Please find the test result below:

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